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2022- 2023 COURSES

Director Mitchell Teaches a Diversity of Courses focused in Theory, Devising, Vocal, Movement, and Scene Analysis. In the 2020- 2021 Season, they will be teaching:

Middle School

  1. Level 2 Acting Studio: Introduction to Scene Study

  2. Level 2.5 Acting Studio: Emerging Scene Study

  3. Voice and Movement 1

High School

  1. Acting Studio 1:  Introduction to Meisner

  2.  Voice and Movement 1: Finding the Moving Actor

  3. Voice and Movement 1.5: Contemporary Movement for the Stage

  4. Theory 1: Theatre History 

  5. Theory 2: World of the Play

  6. Acting Studio 3:  Acting the Classics

  7. Production and Design Level 3: Production Design Lab 1

  8. Acting Studio 4: Chance Theatre

  9. Production and Design Level 4: Production Design Lab 2

Click the class title to learn more about each class. Get in touch to learn more about what it’s like to attend Contra Costa School of Performing Arts School of Theatre.

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